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Monday, January 25, 2010

Date Night- Jenna and Greg

I love doing engagement sessions, its a perfect way for Fawn and I to work with our couples before the wedding day and its also a great way for our couples to see our style and get and idea of what pictures will be like for the wedding day! Its a win win! We really like to encourage our couples to treat the engagement session like a date...well most dates don't have photographers following you around but that's part of the fun! By having us tag along on a "date" we really get to see how the couple interacts with one another and what their dynamic is like!

Jenna and Greg are such a FUN couple, they are sweet, goofy and loving with one another! Fawn and I got to follow along with them as they took a ride on a Ferris wheel, window shopped, got ice cream and walked around in the freezing cold! We had so much fun, talking, laughing and freezing our rears off!

Greg won't be tossing this one back into the sea, she is a keeper!

I little bling with some ice cream...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Boom!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing my lovely friend Amanda who is currently 32 weeks pregnant with her second son! Amanda and I have been friends for over 10 years now and I've cherished every moment of it! I'm so excited for her and her family as they prepare for their new little addition! just as a forewarning, I will probably take lots of pictures of this little guy once he makes his grand entrance!! Amanda, you are beautiful and lovely! Enjoy!












Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I’ve mentioned before that in college I majored in English Literature and even though my profession doesn’t center on English Lit. It is something that inspires me and has actually helped my creativity in how I take photos and process them.

One of my favorite literary authors is Jane Austen.
Jane Austen

It must come as no surprise, a girl who loves Jane Austen, but long before the fanfare and trendy-ness of it all I would snuggle up under my covers reading “Sense and Sensibility”, “Emma” or “Pride and Prejudice”. I delighted in the characters wit and intelligence, especially with the heroine of the story! Austen’s female characters were so diverse but they were all opinionated! Some charming, some annoying and some ridiculous but all strong and firm in their beliefs!

Now jump from the written word to the big screen and I have seen almost every Jane Austen book turned movie/mini series. I have a lot of favorites and with the movies I love, it’s the coloring that really inspires! With Austen era films, its the soft skin, the pinkish/purple tones, slightly muted colors and warm candle light glow that I adore!

When I go out to shoot a wedding or engagement session its those things I keep in the back of my mind, the softness and wit of the heroine's and the strength and passion of the men in their lives. Although the trends have changed and we no longer wear flowy gowns and top hats, every love story is timeless and classic!
We love to help tell those stories with our cameras...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Face Lift and a Sneak Peek

I've finally gotten around to updating our website and while I was at it I gave the whole thing a bit of a face lift! So if you feel so inclined head on over and take a look at the new diggs,!
In other news Fawn and I had a rockin Engagement session last week that I'm SUPER excited to share! Here is a little sneak peek of the fun we had with one of our awesome 2010 couples, Jenna and Greg!
More to come soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eve and Justin - Genoa, NV

Fawn and I made a trip out to Genoa, Nevada to shoot Eve and Justin's engagement session and we had such a good time! Genoa is a fun little historic Nevada town with lots of rustic barns, buildings and Nevada's oldest Saloon! Eve and Justin are such a sweet couple and I'm so excited to shoot their wedding in August!

It was pretty chilly out so we headed into the Saloon for some warmth and the best way to warm up in a bar is with some liquor!

Favorite shot of the day! Its simple but I love it!!

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